Event / Social Networking Categories

College Reunion

Objective: Williams College 2011 Five Year Reunion.

Market impact: 75% share of target audience.

Features and capabilities: User bios, in-app messaging, events calendar, and discovery section.

Offline / Reference

Bible Apps

Objective: Simple Bible text apps made with a maximum reuse of code.

Market impact: Against well-established competition, highly rated and among the most popular on the Android store.

Features and capabilities: Easy, well thought out navigation, intuitive interface and defaults. Cloning: As little as 10 lines of code to create a new version.

Utility / Travel

BusTimes: NYC

Objective: Match user’s location to nearby bus stops and arrivals by route.

Market impact: Made with React Native, the hottest new trend in mobile app development. Permits rapid development for both Android and Apple iOS through a common code base.

Features and capabilities: Intuitive user experience, with idiomatic UI. Uses geolocation to find and present nearby bus stops and derived arrivals. User can save frequently used stops.