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The Hidden Costs of Low Quote Dev Shops: Overbooking

Sometimes, selecting an app development shop is like buying a plane ticket. At first, a lower price can be appealing, until you realize the airline has to make its money somewhere, and it’ll probably be a nasty surprise. Much of the time that comes from opaque baggage fees, convenience fees, upgrades, overbooking, and simply cutting […]


Fixed Price vs. Time and Materials

When shopping around for an app, many entrepreneurs balk at trying to do things under a Time and Materials (T&M) agreement. After all, how can you make sure your app stays within budget? Unfortunately, fixed price projects often end up costing more money than T&M. This often comes from one root cause: fixed price projects rarely […]


Should your app development be with an independent contractor?

Getting a app written, tested and released is a challenging process. Your options are many. Let’s consider whether you should hire an independent contractor to write your app. Reasons to hire an independent contractor: Low cost… you’re paying just one person, at whatever lowest rate you can negotiate. One person to deal with… communication is direct […]